People beyond 14 years are more prone to renal calculi. Both male & female are affected.

The calculi may cause obstruction in the kidney, ureter, urinary bladder & urethra.

Etiology :
  • Decreased amount of water consumption may increase the concentration of urine.
  • More deposition of mineral & other salts may lead to formation of renal (kidney) stone. (look like a crystal)
  • Also more consumption of tomato, cabbage, soyabean and calcium tablets paves the way for Renal Calculi.

Oxalate stones is also one among the renal calculi. more oxalic acid in the body, paves the way for oxalate stone.

Surgery is not essential for Renal Calculi (kidney stone). In modern medicine, the calculi are excised and a stent is placed, which is not the permanent solution, as suppuration, irritation, pain & discomfort may also occur.

1. Radiating pain in the flank. (Renal Colic)
2. Calculi in the urinary bladder tends to be more painful when compared to the calculus of the kidney.
3. Intolerable pain occurs, when the calculus moves from one place to another.
4. The pain gradually decreases, when the calculi are fixed.
5. Nausea, vomitting,also occurs.

  1. Burning micturition.
  2. Frequent urination
  3. Oliguria (decreased urine output)
  4. Hematuria (Blood stained urine)
  5. Scarlet red coloured urine

The treatment we offer is absolutely of no side effects. The first step, we take is fragmentation of the calculus and then to dissolve the calculus.

Diuretics are given with proper supplements & stimulant in proper dosage.

Within 25-30 days, the patient can visualise the excretion of calculus in urine.

Our unique formulation, specialized medicine is made out of the scientific truth revealed in the ancient siddha text & literature. It is not available anywhere else, but in our own pharma.


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