Renal Calculi :

Across Tamilnadu, many quacks are taking siddha medicine in their hands and falsely advertising that within an hour, their medicine dissolves the Calculi.

How far this is possible? If at all, 10mm of calculus really expells out, it is like a silence after a harried storm. One thing we should keep in mind that our ureter is only 4mm and how could a large sized calculi expelled out of it.

While undertaking treatment by an unauthorised person leads to many hazardous such as anxiety, depression, injury in the urinary passage, suppuration and hematuchuria may also be the serious outcome.

Hence, proper treatment should be given at first to disintegrate, then dissolve the calculi. Diuretics are also given to such patients.

Published for the welfare of people by Dr.A.Alagappan BSMS, MD & Dr.A.Vigneshwaran BSMS.,

Be Blessed