About Us

 With a desire to serve people of Karaikudi, Dr.Alagappan BSMS, MD offers his treatment at an affordable price.

"Noinaadi noi mudhal nadi adhuthanikkum
Vainaadi vaippach cheyal."

As per the above Thirukkural (Ancient Tamil Literature), we not only treat the disease, but also we diagnosis the root cause of the disease and hence many Renal patients are benefited by our treatment methods.

Our medicine has its own unique property. It is not necessary for the patient to continue life long treatment. Based on the severity of the disease and the patients health conditions, the line of treatment may vary.

Best Results are obtained by the physicians, only when their formulations are based upon 5 elements (Panchabhootha) known as Pranavam / Amirtham / Aandam. These valuable secrets are revealed in many siddha poems, by our ancient forefathers.

The people who consumed the Andam has the capacity to change the adverse effects of Panchaboothas & Navagragha (9 planets). The Yogi’s who obtained this position, has the tendency to live a long cherished life free from aging, disease and death.

The medicines, made out of this scientific truth possess more potency & life span. It has the capacity to treat even the non-curable diseases. Hence Taumanavar says “Anbal Vilaintha Aramuthey” by which has elicited the importance of Soil and Amirtham.